Cocoons are for Larvae, Not Butterflies

Posted on May 7, 2018 at 12:35 AM

There are times in this life when I (speaking for most all of us) want to withdraw into a cocoon for an undetermined length of time and not be bothered. By anything. The problems arising from it, I have also learned, are manyfold:

A cocoon is the natural habitat for the larva during metamorphosis; he/she spends this time alone with the Creator, a time of solitude, mystery and growth. It is normal, fulfilling and peaceful. But not the end result. 
The end result, the butterfly, possesses the present of wings. Mature, he goes to find other creatures with whom to join. An interdependency develops. They feed on pollens and become pollinators. It can be said they have a stewardship towards the earth as do humans. 
Were the butterfly to forsake his life-bearing gift it would affect those in his path. 

So instead, methinks I’ll behave myself and take short naps, recharge my batteries and fly.

Thattsitt, folks.

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