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Home to Roost

Posted on December 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM
Howdy, Folks! Happy, Happy New Year.
Well, in case you didn't know, this city gal with the Western heart is still a city gal. So, in honor of my first home, New York City, I've 
returned to an old manuscript, Copyright 1995, which I shelved until I felt ready to do it justice. It's a book of ten stories about 
miraculous events in the lives of everyday people like me. I've nicknamed it: "Tales from the Bright Side (as opposed to that 
wonderful "Dark Side" TV series)." So... what happens in 21 years' time? These stories I worked on during my lunch breaks as a 
Postal clerk, some of them on the overnight shift? A lot of hard labor. Every word needs weighing. It has to count. It's amazing to 
learn how I've matured as a writer and editor. It will take time, all of it precious like the polished gems I intend to set in print. It was 
188 pages. Now it's 181. And I've just started. Now don' feel sad, Lil' Darlin's: my heart has a permanent reservation west of here: no
changing' that. But I've come home to roost.

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