Songs to New York  

The Spirit of Yellowstone ... In A Little Child ...

Welcome to my living room. Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Myrtle Brooks. I am the gal who, watching The Wizard of Oz on television as a child, always called the Emerald City home. 

My backyard is a vast garden set amid the mountains and hills of New York City's buildings. The garden's flowers, her people, are of many colors, shapes and textures: each distinct and inherent, their lives and their stories essential to the enrichment of the soil. Songs to New York is a fictional collection of ten such stories: everyday people who experience extraordinary uplifting events effecting change in the city, community and within themselves. 

This is my second work published by Black Rose Writing; my first being The Geyser Girl of Yellowstone Park, a novel on man's edification through nature's examples. For further  information, please see the page entitled: "The Geyser Girl of Yellowstone Park."

Manhattan born, spending my first two (as in formative) years in Jackson Heights, Queens, before moving upstate, I returned to my roots in 1991. November 15, 2017 marked the twentieth anniversary in our current Brooklyn railroad apartment beneath the J train. Many of the stories in Songs to New York are based on real-life experiences which I expanded into the realm of the miraculous (or did I?).

The page marked "Excerpts" contains samples from both my works. Do help yourselves. Just down the hall are a homespun photo gallery and some press releases as well.

Love and peace. 

"Reminding you why you love being a New Yorker or leaving you wishing you were."
-Mary Ellen Bramwell, Author of The Apple of My Eye.

"5 Stars

Lyrical indeed!

Brooks paints a song of glorious and lyrical words, telling wonderful tales of the people of New York. Each story brings a new depth to Brooks's writing, and storytelling. My favorite was "The Cyclist" after all, who else would name their cat Marco Polo. I was pleased by each story and recommend each one. Her words flow perfectly, giving each character his or her own story, blended within this overall "song". Highly recommended read."   -Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

"Myrtle Brooks imbues the city with its own supernatural identity, bringing the city itself alive; in many ways New York itself becomes a living entity, drawing its citizens into its unique milieu. Is this the way New Yorkers feel about their great city, or is it perhaps – the personification of the city itself? That's something the reader must decide, and something only Myrtle knows."  - Gerry Sammon, author of Wolf Boy and The Royle Deception.