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The Geyser Girl of Yellowstone Park      

The Spirit of Yellowstone ... In A Little Child ...

   In a sacred and pristine land called: Yellowstone Park, the story has been recounted of the baby found crying amid the geysers with                     none but a diaper cloth for her cover, some many snowy April nights ago.

   After the western sun has faded, the trails of car headlights and tail lights dissipated and the campfires laid low, it is echoed throughout the mountains and hills from Wyoming to Montana and Idaho, from the deeps of the blue waters to the winds that sweep through the tall and stately pines.

   The bears taking up residence in the eastern region of the park recall it was a mother buffalo named: Bearer of Song, who pitied the girl and longed to take her in. But as she approached, the child crawled towards the elder geyser spring called: Old Faithful and disappeared down into his hole.

   The cries of the mother alerted the families of buffalo and bears in the southwestern parts. They sent word, to learn if any humans had reported a missing child to the U.S. Cavalry. There had been one report two days prior, that of a five-year-old boy discovered wandering off into the woods to chase a whitetail deer. His distressed parents, overjoyed at his return, had fallen upon him tearfully, hugged him and spanked him.

   But neither did the animals inside Yellowstone Park nor those outside its borders know of anyone coming forward to claim this infant girl.

   All the animals feared that she had died.

   But she did not die.

“Faithful I have sought to be

 in all my ways

Since my conception in fire

 and in water.

“To be a fount of wisdom and 

purity of spirit

Far more prized than veins of 

gold and silver

And to this my soul has aspired.

“Not due to my own pursuits

That man named me the Faithful Elder.

A Higher Oath than mine has fixed

My pleasant boundaries

And the times of my bursting forth into the open

Not of my choosing.

“The countenances of multitudes I have beheld

And have seen them take delight in my greeting.

They throng close to my doorway

Men, women and children

Eager witnesses of my mystery.

“From every corner of the earth, bringing

The languages of ancient lands upon their lips

And their spices upon their garments.

“And what they find takes on a meaning of its own

Within each

Amidst the resplendent pillar.”

“My love a sanctuary

Abiding and steadfast as the stars

Eternally fixed in their cycles.

“My law a shelter

To which my children will return

To feed under my shadow.

“My wisdom the protective garments

With which I clothe my household with discernment

Against danger.

“My voice lifted to the skies

I will fight to the end and to the spear succumb

If I must to defend my own.

“For no greater glory in heaven nor earth

To which I aspire

Than the gifts God gives the mother.”

“The grasses and the sedge are the meat of our herd.

“When you grow hungry, my child, the bulb of the lily and the rose of the wood will sustain you; and take of the sweetness of the wild strawberry and red raspberry.

“Pleasing to the eye, the white flower clusters which bloom among the plentiful blue camas. But deadly their aftereffects; they are as the hound’s tongue and the mountain laurel. Touch not any of these for food, for, though alluring they appear, your life in return is what they will require.